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ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor

Starting with a personal lifestyle transformation 10 years ago, Anna found her passion for helping others achieve better health and confidence.  Click below to learn about the experience and education that Anna has to help you safely and efficiently reach your goals.

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What is a health coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness professional who helps you feel your best through food & lifestyle changes by offering guidance, support, advice, and encouragement to help you reach your goals. 

Why would I want a health coach & a trainer?

Your health coach will offer you additional goal planning assistance, check-ins, encouragement & support.   In addition the health coach will assist you in reviewing what is working, what is not, and gradually help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Your personal trainer is dedicated to providing you a safe, effective, quality exercise program.  This program may include stretching & flexibility programming, foam rolling, strength training, endurance training, cardio plans, and more. 

You are more likely to succeed with a well rounded, multifaceted supportive program.  Your  health coach and trainer coordinate to plan an appropriate and effective program tailored just for you, based on the feedback they both receive from you and the observations made during the week.  

I had a trainer once, and they gave me generic workouts.  Why should I invest in such a service?

At Harriger Fitness ALL programs are tailored to the particular client.  Service begins with a consult in which your trainer will ask questions, do movement assessments, and gather as much information as possible to develop a plan around your needs and goals.  

Everyone is different - health conditions, exercise history, long held beliefs about self, injuries, preferences, hobbies. . . . these things can all affect what programming is developed for the client.

This sounds like a service for people who want to lose weight.  That's not my goal.

No matter what your goal  is  Harriger Fitness and Healthy4Ever Coaching will develop a plan to help you succeed! 


Are you someone that likes to do long hikes?  We will develop a training program to improve ankle stability, endurance, leg strength, while complimenting this with guidance on proper nutrition to support this activity, how to set new goals, and check-ins to ensure that you are indeed progressing. 

Are you a senior that worries about falling?  We will develop a plan that includes balance traning, endurance, strength, while also ensuring that you are on the right track with eating and hydration (a top cause of dizziness and weakness among seniors), following up with provided "homework", and providing check-ins to help you keep developing your balance and sense of confidence. 

The options are endless!  Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your personal goals!

I could never afford a service like this!  Health Coaches & Trainers are for celebrities. 

We want to help as many people as possible!  That is why we have a variety of plans available to accommodate a wide range of budgets.   From in person training and weekly health coach check-ins, to live classes online & group check-ins, to pre-recorded video options there is an option for you!

Contact us to find out which plan is right for you!

I've tried weightloss plans before & failed!  Why is this any different?

The multifaceted approach that we take helps ensure your success.  Often times when we meet a client they have tried many generic plans before.  Magazine articles, youtube videos, the latest exercise fad . . . they all promise great success but there are a few key element missing. 

1- Personalization:  This plan will be developed for YOU personally.  Unlike generic, "one size fits all" programs, your plan will take into consideration your needs, goals, history, and preferences.

2- Support:  Often someone will buy a product or program with the best of intentions, but let's face it, health and lifestyle transformations are tough!  The extra support of a health coach, community forums, and chat rooms will provide you with the extra support and encouragment that you may not otherwise have access to. 

3- Behavior Modification:  Its not enough to just want to change.  You need the tools to improve your mindset, habits, and behaviors.  That's where we come in.  You will never feel like you are alone, confused, lost, or like you are not doing things correctly.  We will help you not only change your body, but learn to change your habits that may have been holding you back.  

Success is in your future.  Contact us today! 

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